I love what Dustin has set up to sell his Power Days. Even the name of his sequence is awesome: Operation: Shock and Awe. Dustin is sending direct mail pieces, emails, lumpy mail, etc. He’s kicking out cookies, treats, $5 bills, letters from Dave’s daughter and all kinds of other crazy stuff.

While all that is cool, what is most interesting to me is why Dustin is able to do that. Dustin is qualifying his leads. He is guarding Operation: Shock and Awe because he knows that it’s not cheap. Not everybody deserves to be shocked and awed. He is using purchases of lower-priced products, call centers, or referral relationships to vet his leads and ensure that he is putting good candidates through his funnel.

If you remember back to the Jermaine Griggs interview, he does the same thing. He puts out qualifying offers to see if the person is worth the additional (and more expensive) follow-up.

Many times we shy away from creating a really compelling marketing strategy because of cost. Instead of scrapping those ideas, we should look at how we can apply the lessons Dustin has learned. Figure out a way to qualify prospects before they get into the more expensive funnel, so you’re not wasting money on those that will never convert.

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