sell button We all know we should upsell our customers.

Well, if you didn’t know, you should upsell your customers. There, now you know. It’s kinda like asking for referrals through. We know we should, but we still don’t do it.

There is one complaint/resistance I come across when working with clients and it’s that they don’t have any other products or services to sell as an upsell.

A really easy way to get around this problem is to find somebody else’s products to sell.

Inherent in the products and services you offer, are a wide variety of complementary products and services that you could upsell for a percentage cut or flat referral fee. The next natural objection is that if you just get a small cut, then it’s can’t really be worth the time or money invested. Why would I invest time and money to sell someone else’s product for $10-$20 in commissions? That’s hardly going to make a dent in my retirement plans. This is true, but it’s also misguided.

Let’s say you can pick up $20 in additional commissions for pushing a product. While that $20 is going to fast track your retirement, it can have a major impact on your marketing budget, which can absolutely help you fast track, your retirement budget.

Take the $20 example. You pick $20 up for each sale of this product. You get 20% of the people to buy. Your CPA is currently $40. You just increased your CPA budget by 10%. And as an added bonus, you have customers that like you even more because you helped them find additional tools to be successful.

Setting the stage

Dustin Mathews speaking
Dustin Mathews, 2010 Ultimate Marketer Finalist.

Dustin sells Power Days that start at $10k and go up from there. He is well aware of the importance of keeping the $10k customer happy and excited at all times, and it shows in his pre-power Day sequence.

There are a lot of businesses that use events, or appointments, or consultations as either a means for lead generation or as a product or service that is sold. In all of these situations, the client or prospect will register or schedule for such meetings, and then endure a gap in between the time of registration and the time of the actual meeting. There is a massive opportunity in that gap of time, and most businesses fail to capitalize on it.

You have probably fallen victim to this yourself (or may even be guilty of it yourself). For example, think back to the last webinar you registered for. After you registered, what was the follow-up? Probably a slew of reminder emails letting you know when the call was going to be. What if, instead of just sending reminder emails, the person or company had taken the time to continue to address whatever problem or goal you were trying to accomplish when you registered for the call in the first place?

You see, when we take action to register like that, we are at a heightened sense of excitement (or pain) around a particular subject. That level of excitement or pain will naturally diminish with time if not nurtured. So, what if in that reminder sequence, you were to receive some emails from the person that was actually going to presenting, so you could get a feel for who you were going to be dealing with?

And, what if you received some emails that talked in more detail about the problem you were having and how specific parts of the call were going to help you get over them? I could continue to go on with the “What if” scenarios, but the point is this: the more I know and feel comfortable with the person/group that will be presenting to me, the more likely I am to listen, engage, and ultimately take whatever action they propose at the end the of call.

Also, the more my needs/wants/desires are reiterated and addressed leading up to the call (or meeting, or consultation) the more likely I am to show up.

For me personally, I know for a fact that if before I meet with someone, or hold a webinar, I can get them to realize that I spent a lot of time at Infusionsoft, I dig fitted hats, I have a wife and 5 kids, I love basketball, etc. my chance of converting them goes up dramatically.

Also, the more I can continue to drive home the fact that I understand what their needs/goals are leading up to such an event, the greater the chance they feel like I understand them and the greater the chance they will show up and take action.

In Dustin’s pre-event sequence, he masters this, as well as taking it to the next stage of creating a Wow experience.

Picking them up at the airport in a limo without announcing it. Upgrading their room at the hotel. Massages. Etc.

Treat your customers the way they want to be treated. That’s the way.


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