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Programs designed to do one of two things: install a Happy Client Factory™ to eliminate the guesswork and overwhelm, or help you build a SmoothScaling™ business, boosting your Life Profit™.

The Engineer™

“I want to work with someone 1-on-1 to really dial in and install my Happy Client Factory™”

It’s simple, you are a business that is either approaching $1m in revenue or you looking to get to your next $1m in revenue and you are using marketing automation tools like Keap, ActiveCampaign, GoHighLevel, or Hubspot. If you are like most businesses at this point you have begun to experience the wobble that comes with trying to grow and scale but your automations aren’t built right, the tools are hard to figure out, and you find them difficult to implement in, and it is becoming difficult to know what you should be doing, or how to actually do it. That’s what The Engineer™ Program is for. With The Engineer™, you get a dedicated coach to work with you 1-on-1. So whether you’re looking to install foundational processes from scratch or aiming to clean up, upgrade, and optimize your existing system, The Engineer™ is designed for you.

The Engineer™ is for entrepreneurs who don’t really want to figure it out themselves, and want someone to help them plan, design, and implement their Happy Client Factory™.

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The Architect™

“I want coaching and strategy with some technical help while I install my Happy Client Factory™”

Sometimes you just don’t know what you should be doing or how to actually go about doing it. That’s what The Architect™ Program is for. The Architect™ is ideal for those seeking strategic guidance without extensive implementation support. Our architects will work with you on calls to design and blueprint the processes you are working on. They will then hand it off to you to implement yourself (and if there’s time on the call they will get their hands dirty and help get the building started for you). The focus is on the strategy and coaching and, when possible, some implementation on the call.

The Architect™ is for entrepreneurs who want someone to help them plan and design their Happy Client Factory™ and provide technical direction on how to implement it themselves.

Book a Strategy Session with one of our coaches to see if The Architect™ Is Right For You.

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The Lab™

“I want a system designed to grow and scale my business to the business I want, not the business I just wake up to one day and am stuck with”

The Lab™ is a part of our SmoothScaling™ system. It is the fastest and smoothest way for business growth and maximizing your Life Profit™.

The Lab™ will give you Access to our twice weekly live group “Lab Sessions™” to share your wins and get help on your projects from our CEO Brad and GM Jake, two tickets to two separate in-person MasterCamps™ at Sixthdivision HQ, lifetime access to our Client Journey Engineering™ online course, access to our online program called The Experience Formulas™, plus bonuses including some 1-on-1 calls and some initial implementation.

Perfect for entrepreneurs who want clarity on exactly what you should be doing in your business, organization so you (or your team) can implement more of your ideas faster and with greater accuracy, and visibility so you know what’s working and what’s not so you can make better decisions.

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