I had the chance to sit down with internet marketing specialist Andy Mackensen. During our interview he laid out the following  four-pronged approach to potentially converting more prospects:

Andy Mackensen, Ultimate Marketer Finalist at InfusionCon 2011, Internet marketing specialist and member of the Board of Advisers for InVend Systems.

1. One Hour a Day in Infusionsoft

I LOVE this idea. Reminds me of the tortoise and the hare (and we all know how that turned out). I’m pretty confident that if we took two business owners, and one scheduled a couple days full of Infusionsoft configuration, and the other scheduled an hour a day, that the hour-a-day owner would be light years ahead at the end a month, quarter, or year. I’m pretty sure if we took an accounting of how we spent each day, we could find an hour here or there that either:

A) Gets wasted in some way, shape, or form.

B) Gets spent on something way less important and way less urgent.

The time spent in Infusionsoft gets repaid exponentially, and we should be fighting to figure out how to find more time to leverage more of Infusionsoft in our businesses. And if you honestly can’t find an hour a day, then do an hour every other day. Skip lunch or eat in and crank away. The key is to get in a constant rhythm of improving Infusionsoft in your biz. One last tip that I’ve picked up as I’ve implemented this since our interview is to not worry too much about the priority of what to do in

Infusionsoft. Just start doing stuff. Whatever comes to mind first, do it. Don’t worry about creating a list and prioritizing it. Just start working, and you’ll find that in the time you would have spent prioritizing a list, you could have finished the list.


2. 10 x 10 x 4

Mike Koenigs, from TrafficGeyser.com, created this concept. It’s really simple. Here’s what the plan is…

  •  Record 10 videos of the top 10 frequently asked questions.
  •  Record 10 videos of the top 10 questions that your prospects should be asking.
  •  Record 4 mini videos
  • “to get more, go here”. Put this one at the end of each video directing people to go to your video lead page.
  • “Enter your name and email to get all 20 videos.”  Put this on the video lead page.
  • “Thank you for signing up “.  Use this one for the “thank you” page after they opt-in.
  • “Buy My Stuff Video”. Put this one on your website and follow up emails.

Now go upload your videos to all video sharing, social bookmarking, podcast directories, social networks and blogs as possible.

Andy divulged that he actually does the 10x10x0, which is great. I’m pretty sure the number 10 is just a number. Really, the key is start producing content, and this gives a great framework for doing that.

Not sure what you should send for nurture content to prospects or customers? Use the 10x10x0 format. Again, the real key here is to just get started producing content and sending it.


3. Start with 1

Another very simple but INSANELY powerful concept: start with 1. Most of use walk around saying, well, I don’t have X, so therefore I can’t do Y. For example:

  • I don’t have my follow: up sequence built out with a bunch of emails, so I can’t put up my landing page
  •  I don’t have my product done so I can’t put up my order page
  •  I don’t…
  •  I don’t …
  •  I don’t…

Sometimes we get wrapped up (yours truly included) in designing this amazing and awesome follow-up strategy, then we spend forever building it and convincing ourselves it’s not ready to launch.

We need to change our line of thinking. We need to focus less on all the cool things we might, at some point in the future, possibly be able to do. Rather, we should focus on what is the least amount that we can do so we can launch tomorrow, or this week. I love this concept. Seriously, I love this concept.


Critical to success in any arena in my opinion.


4. Intelligent Distribution Logic

I’ve used this before a bunch of times with other clients I’ve worked with, but it was a good reminder. Andy talks about how they distribute leads to sales reps based on the lead’s ability to invest. He captured this info on the initial opt-in form and then used it to determine which rep to assign the lead to. Leads with higher amounts of cash-money to invest go to more seasoned sales reps, while leads with lower amounts go to newer reps. The concept of intelligently routing leads can be a huge game changer for many businesses. And it’s not limited to how leads get distributed to sales reps. Intelligent routing can be used to:

1) Start follow-up sequences about totally different product or services offerings.

2) Start follow-up sequences that vary in how aggressive you push for the sale based on what you know about the prospect.

3) Start follow-up sequences to up sell different products based on sales history.

4) etc…

Take a minute and think of 2 or 3 spots in your business where having a more tailored or customized message would make a difference. Could you convert more prospects if you broke them into groups and talked to them more specifically? Could you get more repeat sales or referrals by changing how you talk to your new customers?

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