April, 29, 2013

The Emmerich Group Makeover

Roxanne, Liz, and Megan came out to spend some quality time at Sixth Division from Minnesota. Roxanne Emmerich, from the Emmerich Group, worked with Corey for two jam-packed days.  One thing you should know about Corey is he’s a huge Green Bay Packers fan. Upon learning Roxanne and her group were from Minnesota, one of the first things Corey said was, “Oh no! You’re a Vikings fan!” Turns out, Roxanne is not a Vikings fan. In fact, she’s the complete opposite. She’s a Packers fan, too. It was destiny from the start.


The Emmerich Group helps banks create a high performance sales and service culture. Sales and Marketing Management magazine named Roxanne one of the twelve most requested speakers in the nation. It was apparent she knew what she was doing when she filmed a few videos during her makeover. She made it look way too easy.

Back in Minnesota, Roxanne enjoys running, reading, philanthropy, traveling, and performing in the family “band”.  A few days after she headed home, Corey received a package at the office. Just picture the scene from A Christmas Story, but replace “fragile” with “perishable”. Turns out, it was a bunch of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, toppings, syrups, and sundae glasses from Roxanne and her group. It pretty much rocked. And needless to say, Corey was in heaven. Ice cream heaven.


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