April, 26, 2013

Our Time With Faith Driven Business

Last week, Steve Hoeft, Founder of Faith Driven Business, Jeannine, and Cat came to visit from Missouri. This is the second time in a month Steve and Jeannine made the trip to AZ.  They joined us last month before InfusionCon for the annual Ultimate Marketer Bootcamp, which was held at the Sixth Division HQ. They just can’t get enough of us! 😉


Faith Driven Business is an online community for small business entrepreneurs who seek to merge their faith and work. They have online business training via webinars, which is provided by a virtual agency team. Webinar topics include social media, communications, PR, acquisition, loyalty, CRM, content marketing, etc. Here’s a pic of Steve and his team back at home and hard at work.


Steve Hoeft Faith Driven Business 2
Buz Phelan, Creative Director; Steve Hoeft, Founder; Cat Newhouse, Editor/Community Manager; Mistie Thompson, Strategist

During his spare time, Steve loves spending time with his wife (who happens to be his high school sweetheart), his four kids, and his grandchildren.  He was looking forward to the weekend after his makeover, because his grandchildren were waiting at his house for him to get home. He also enjoys biking, motorcycles, hiking, boating, drinking wine, and listening to music.

Steve Hoeft Faith Driven Business (1)


You can check out Faith Driven Business here.

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