July, 18, 2013

Women In The Pet Industry Makeover

Shawna headed out to AZ from Oregon for a makeover for her company, Woman in the Pet Industry.  Being from Oregon, she wasn’t used to having to use much air conditioning.  She learned quickly that opening a door or window for some “fresh air” is the equivalent of pointing a blow dryer in your face when it’s the middle of summer in Arizona. 😉

Women in the Pet Industry helps women grow their pet-focused businesses by providing group marketing and networking resources. It serves professionals in all segments of the pet industry as well as all types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals, horses, and exotic pets.

The goal of Women in the Pet Industry is to help members attain personal and professional growth by serving as their go-to source for mentoring, coaching, learning, sharing and connecting with likeminded businesswomen in the pet industry.

As you can imagine, Shawna is really into pets.  She owns several of them, including a goat that thinks it’s a dog, and a dog that loves to be shaved (which apparently is very unusual).

Here’s where you can learn more about Women in the Pet Industry.

Posted by Kendall Walker

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