January, 12, 2018

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

What kind of spouse are you?

What kind of friend are you?

What kind of boss, or co-worker, or mentor, or coach, or contractor are you?

What kind of ENTREPRENEUR are you?

It’s sort of a weird question, right? The answer could come in a lot of forms.

It could be simple – Are you a good boss or a bad boss? A fun friend or a boring one?

It could also be complex – Think results from that one personality test that made your head spin. You’re type X14DHIU, which means…

Or, and this is where the question starts to actually matter, the answer could be ACTIONABLE.

Think about it. If you can answer the question, “What kind of __________ are you?” in a way that helps you take action now, it can change your life.

What kind of friend are you? Well, if the answer is that you’re a compassionate friend that forgets to follow through, you can start to work on keeping your commitments and making sure that you set clear expectations with those closest to you.

What kind of boss are you? Maybe the answer is you’re a boss that pulls your team along with you rather than leading them in a powerful way. If so, you can work on helping your team see what you see, rather than just hearing what you say, so they can set the course forward themselves and make progress.

The question is always worth asking when the answer will lead to meaningful action. Because let’s face it, most of the things we wish were different in our lives, or our businesses, are created out of a lack of action or lack of focused action.

But how do you get that kind of an answer? That level of insight isn’t easy to come by, right?

Well, we’ve worked with some of the best resources in the world at analyzing data to produce actionable answers to create a simple and powerful way for you to answer one of the most important questions we can think of:

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

I’ll tell you more about the assessment in a moment, but first, why does that question matter so much?

Who cares what kind of entrepreneur you are? Well, we obviously do – and so should you.

We care because we love entrepreneurs.  We could fill books with the reasons why (and we will probably will at some point) but there are two reasons that rise above the rest.

First, they embody our core beliefs about life. That:

  1. We are on this earth to serve the people around us.
  2. We have a responsibility to become the best version of ourselves.
  3. We are 100% responsible for our own outcomes.  Period.

And second, entrepreneurs are the people who create dents in the universe. They are the ones who solve the world’s problems. And we want to be a part of that.

So here’s the challenge.  Building a business is hard.  As entrepreneurs ourselves we recognize and appreciate that hard work is a critical and valuable part of small business.

However, we also believe there is a lot of unnecessary complexity that gets in the way of entrepreneurs doing their best work. It gets in the way of them taking ACTION.

So, we decided to help you answer the question – What kind of entrepreneur are you? – with a simple assessment.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. The results will be powerful IF you take action.

Click here to take the assessment and answer the question – What Kind of ENTREPRENEUR Are You?

Posted by Brad Martineau

Word. My name is Brad Martineau (as you can see above…). Couple things you should know about me. I’m married with five kids, I love playing basketball, I’m addicted to fitted hats, and I’m pretty into the whole entrepreneur thing.

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