October, 30, 2012

Web Marketing That Works

When it comes to marketing online, I’ve always believed that the key is to have a master plan for using the Internet to its greatest effectiveness. Some key components to web marketing include:

  • SEO – Deciding on keywords that will drive activity to your site is vital but remember, too much of a good thing can get you booted right off many search engines. Loading your site with keywords can actually be counterproductive. 3-5 keywords used not more than four times in an ad or article will do the trick.
  • PPC – Pay Per Click advertising is the most cost-effective method available for driving traffic. Most importantly, this is a method that offers accurate tracking of who is visiting your site and how they found you. To get started, check out Google AdWords.
  • Local Search – This is a fairly new service and a “must do/no brainer” if you have a physical location and/or serve a fairly fixed geographical area. You can leapfrog over SEO and PPC and get on page 1 of Google in just days by simply listing yourself in Google Places.PPC and SEO InfographicBy and far, the quickest and most cost-effective way to funnel viable customers to your site is through Google Ads and Facebook. A combined strategy of targeted Google Ads and Facebook offers the absolute best way to reach not only the most potential visitors but also visitors most interested in what you have to offer. Many businesses are utilizing Google Ads but have been slow to advertise on Facebook and that is a mistake. Facebook just surpassed 500 million users, most of whom have already provided detailed personal information. It’s like having a free marketing survey done for you.

Web marketing requires setting aside print ideas about branding and presence. Forget the shotgun approach of putting your name in as many places as possible. Instead, devise a strategy that uses all the components mentioned that draw potential customers to you like a magnet.

Again, don’t forget what we talked about in Tip #1 as this is Infusionsoft consulting 101… make sure your ads are driving traffic to a page on your site where you can capture the lead or opt-in so you can continue to build the relationship and market to them.

Are you currently employing all the aforementioned components to best target your potential customer base?

Posted by Dave Lee

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