January, 3, 2014

The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ Makeover

Mark and Ian headed to SixthDivision for a makeover with Clint for their business, The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™.  What’s crazy is the first time Mark and Ian met in person was during their makeover…and they had been working together for years!

The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ is a subscription site for financial advisors.  It’s a comprehensive financial service client delivery system for financial advisors serving affluent individuals and families.

Mark says his 17-year-old daughter happily takes up much of his spare time in San Diego.  Ian spends most of his free time with his mom and sister (and her family), both who live about five minutes away from him.

Here’s where you can find out more info on The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™.



Posted by Kendall Walker

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