May, 2, 2013

The Skeptical Group

Rem, Crystal, and Mae headed out to Sixth Division from Los Angeles for a makeover. And, truth be told, they were completely skeptical of what could be accomplished in just two days. They were in for a huge surprise.

Bret worked with their team diligently to knock some stuff out. They literally didn’t even take one single break. Normally, we take our clients out to dinner on the first night, and instead of going, Rem, Crystal, and Mae opted to go back to their hotel and work. They were definitely in the right frame of mind to get stuff done.

Another thing we learned about the group is the fact that they love coffee. Back in Los Angeles, they make their own coffee in their office. I’m not talking Starbucks, or pre-made coffee…I’m talking about creating their own concoctions.  We showed up with Starbucks and felt slightly defeated.

At the end of their makeover, Rem turned to Crystal and asked her if she’s still skeptical. She responded by saying, “I’m absolutely a believer”.  We knew she would be. 😉

We had a great time with Rem’s group.  When they’re not working, Rem and his team enjoy working out and going out to fun places. Crystal and Mae enjoy Bikram yoga.

Posted by Kendall Walker

Chief Evangelist

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