October, 14, 2013

The Pet Concierge Makeover

Lee Richter, CEO of Holistic Vet Care in California, joined us for a makeover with Bret for her other business, The Pet Concierge.

The Pet Concierge offers a full menu of pet care services for your pet.  They provide holistic veterinary packages including pet therapy, canine fitness, and canine massage, just to name a few.  They also offer a “pet taxi” service to escort your pet to and from their appointments.

Here are a few pictures Lee sent us of the pups at Holistic Vet Care.

A dog Man petting a dog A woman holding a dog A woman training a dog

Lee has a few pets of her own…Leo, Charlie Brown and Freida.  Another cool thing we learned was that Lee’s daughter, Abbey (who happens to be nine-years-old), is a published author…which we think is pretty darn cool!

Here’s where you can learn more about The Pet Concierge.

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