June, 15, 2017

The Eight Home Depot Run Saturday

Have you ever had an Eight Home Depot Run Saturday?

If you have, you know exactly what I mean by that. The sink breaks and you foolishly think to yourself, “I can fix that.”

So you run down the street having taken no measurements, no pictures and no notes on what actually needs to be fixed so that you can try and describe what you’re “fixing” to the nice older gentleman in aisle 20.

Look, he’s not surprised to see you back an hour later, and then again an hour after that. Every time you feel like you’re getting closer to making it happen – to tasting the victory that comes with completing that project – you realize you’re missing one more piece of the puzzle.

Now, let me ask you a question, have you ever felt that way when it comes to Infusionsoft?

You foolishly think to yourself, “I can make that work” and the ‘Home Depot Runs’ begins. Every time you can start to see the finish line, to feel the peace of mind that comes with having automation actually working in your business, you realize you’re missing another piece.

It’s frustrating, right?

Well, if I’ve learned anything since becoming a homeowner, it’s this – Always ask someone who has more experience than you before leaving on that first Home Depot run.

The same rule applies to Infusionsoft.

Here at SixthDivision, we’ve helped thousands of businesses skip the 8 Home Depot Run Saturday altogether by following these three simple principles:

  1. I will get better results quicker if I start simple and get fancy later.
  2. I don’t have to know everything about the technology before I can get the benefit it provides.
  3. I can change the direction of my business, and my life, by looking at simple data points every day.

Here’s my challenge for you as you read those principles. Don’t see it and think to yourself, “Oh, I already know that,” and just move on. Instead, ask yourself, “Do my decisions actually align with those principles?” And really take stock of the results you’re seeing from those decisions.

Then, if there’s any room for improvement, I want to invite you to attend the free training I’m hosting on Thursday, June 22nd at 10 am Pacific (1 pm Eastern) called How To Create Consistent Growth Through Automation Without Becoming an Infusionsoft Expert.

Here’s where you can register.

If you have ever felt the frustration of seeing what is possible with automation in your business, but finding it to be just out of reach over and over again, you need to be on this training.

We’re going to share the 3 secrets to creating consistent growth through automation, and the five areas of your business that you need to automate first.

And the best part is – We’re going to show you how to do it without getting stuck in the technology overwhelm.

So please, if that sounds good to you, register for the training and save yourself a few Home Depot runs. You can thank me later.

Register here!

Posted by Brad Martineau

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