May, 25, 2017

Sales Team Secrets

Do me a favor, wherever you’re currently at in your business, imagine for a moment that down the road you decide to hire a Director of Sales to take your sales team to the next level.

Exciting, right? But now, imagine that before that person even walks through the door, your current sales team leaves. And despite the fact that they left to pursue entrepreneurial dreams of their own, and you’re happy for them – you’re still left with a brand new Director of Sales with no experience, no sales reps, and no pipeline.

How do you think that would affect your sales in the coming months?

How would it feel to be in that situation?

I’m Taylor McArthur, the Director of Sales and Marketing here at SixthDivision. And, as you may have guessed by now, that little thought experiment we engaged in a few lines up wasn’t fiction.

In fact, the first time I stepped into this office on January 9th of this year I had exactly zero experience in the industry, zero sales reps, and zero pipeline.

But here’s where the story gets interesting, over the next 4 months we sold more products and services than anyone had ever sold in the company’s history in the same time frame. And we did it while hiring and onboarding two brand new sales reps – and I mean brand new to the industry – who, by the way, are killing it in their new roles already.

I’m not writing this to brag or say that there’s anything special about my team or about me in this role. We did work hard, and our CEO did jump in and take sales calls for a month, and we did settle in for a few late nights of interrupting prospects dinner plans to make sure they didn’t miss out on the chance to work with us 😉

All of that was necessary to make it happen. But look, the real reason that we can sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and services quickly and consistently – even with a team with no experience – is because SixthDivision has built a predictable selling machine that automatically delivers the perfect prospects who know who we are, know what we do, and want to work with us every single day.

Now imagine what your sales would look like when you have a machine of your own.

That’s what’s we help people design and build every single day at SixthDivision. Schedule a free strategy session so we can show you how you can instantly create a predictable automated sales funnel without ever touching complicated technology and without spending a fortune on traffic or commissions.

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Posted by Brad Martineau

Word. My name is Brad Martineau (as you can see above…). Couple things you should know about me. I’m married with five kids, I love playing basketball, I’m addicted to fitted hats, and I’m pretty into the whole entrepreneur thing.

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