May, 23, 2013

Kim’s Visit

Kim Snider headed out to Sixth Division for some warmer weather and some sunshine.  Oh, and for an intense two-day makeover, too.

Kim’s business, Train and Simple, sells Infusionsoft API for beginners. Kim developed a series of courses to teach others API.  Train and Simple helps Infusionsoft users combine programming with Infusionsoft, to get a whole lot of power.

Kim Snider, Train and Simple

Kim recently moved to South Carolina, where she is building her own farm.  She’s married and has many four-legged “kids”.  In her spare time, she enjoys playing polo.  She sent us a few action shots, which we think are pretty sweet.

091810 Polo-239 6goal_kim


You can learn more about Train and Simple here.

Posted by Kendall Walker

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