As entrepreneurs, it’s something we know is important. But, it’s something that often gets neglected.


Well, first of all, it’s just plain hard.

You have a bunch of ideas. Then, you have to come up with a bunch of different strategies for all the ideas of things you want to do. Then, out of every possible strategy you’ve come up with, you need to figure out WHICH strategy will work the best.

Then, once you decide on a strategy, oftentimes you end up overthinking it and don’t actually get that strategy implemented.

Then, it happens again.

And again.

Sound familiar?

In this video, we feature Josh Kelly from RevuKangaroo. When we first met Josh, he had a bunch of ideas with half-done campaigns. He had thought about different strategies and sort of implemented them.

Josh talks about his business and how getting crystal clear on his strategies allowed him to implement a fully functional, automated system that generates new leads, converts them to sales, and onboard them afterward, AND saved him a TON of time so he can focus on doing things he actually wants to be doing.

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Posted by Kendall Walker

Chief Evangelist

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