Live events are cool

 I really like how Joe and Janette used a live event to generate buzz and capture leads. Typically when we hear the phrase “live event” we start thinking of a training course, or a conference, or some type of multi-day seminar. I can’t imagine that when most of us hear “live event” that we think “shred-a-thon.”

 The concept is brilliant though. Local business gets a bunch of people to come out and take care of something they need to take care of anyway. They get to meet them face to face in a completely non-threatening environment and build trust. There are so many things to really like about the concept. The key is to think of ways in which each of our businesses that we can replicate the same model.

 Maybe you’re in a business where it’s not feasible to do a local event. Can you do an extended online event? I remember back in the day at Infusionsoft that Tyler Garns (then the Director of Marketing) did a Fix Your Follow Up Fiesta where he was live online for 24 hours answering questions. It worked great as a lead gen tool, and as a nurturing tool.

Just for fun, force yourself to come up with a way you could use a live event as a lead gen or promotional tool in your business. Try to think of things you could do that aren’t the same old conferences and seminars. Remember, you’re selling to people. Have fun with it and they will too.


Janette Gleason Interview Pt. 1

Posted by Brad Martineau

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