May, 7, 2013

Fun Times With Randy

Randy Lewis, of Randy Lewis & Associates, headed over to Sixth Division from Glendale, Arizona. Although he didn’t have to travel from out of state, Glendale practically feels like California to all of us here in Chandler. Well, maybe not. But it is super far. Because of this, Randy opted to get a hotel nearby instead of having to make the trek each day.

Randy and his team help home buyers find the best possible home at the most realistic price. They help those selling homes understand buyer expectations and, under the current market conditions, establish realistic pricing for their home.

It was fun to see the dynamic between Randy and Bret. Their banter was nothing less than entertaining.  During his time here, Bret and Randy were constantly adjusting the thermostat.  Disclaimer: our office gets super cold.  Randy was joking that our thermostat was too far away (it was in the office next to the one he was working in), so he decided to draw a picture of one so it would be closer.  We hated to break it to him that it wasn’t functional.



When he’s not helping people find their dream homes or drawing thermostat art, Randy’s into motorcycles, cars, exercise, and spending time with his girlfriend and her daughter.

You can check out Randy Lewis & Associates here.

Posted by Kendall Walker

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