June, 18, 2013

Frozen Dessert Supplies Makeover

Tim and Damon didn’t have to travel far to work with Clint.  They came from literally down the street to make over their business, Frozen Dessert Supplies.

Frozen Dessert Supplies sells white, colorful, and plastic frozen yogurt, ice cream and gelato cups, as well as all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors of spoons. They also sell paper drink cups, plastic drink cups, to-go containers, hot drink cups and lids.

It’s a good thing they only sell the paper and plastic and not the actual ice cream. We’re all pretty big ice cream fans, so we would have made sure they came prepared. And probably would have eaten their entire supply in the process. 😉

Tim enjoys woodworking, marketing, business, and traveling.  Damon, on the other hand, likes singing and data analysis.

Check out Frozen Dessert Supplies here.

Posted by Kendall Walker

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