June, 20, 2017

FB Ads Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back from creating the results that you want in your business?

We all tell ourselves stories around why we aren’t getting the results that we want. Whether we connect our lackluster growth to technology overwhelm, lack of traffic, or that curse that was put on our family back in the old days… that’s all they are – Stories we tell ourselves. Excuses that hold us back.

And we can move past them with simple action pointed in the right direction.

Today I want to focus on one story I’ve been hearing a lot of lately: I don’t know how to create effective Facebook Ads.

Here at SixthDivision, we believe that no matter what business you’re in, you need an automated system that captures leads, turns them into prospects, and then turns them into the clients you want all while creating an amazing experience for those new clients.

We call that system a Predictable Client Journey.

However, sometimes we allow ourselves to put off building such a system because we don’t believe in our ability to drive traffic to it when the time comes.

Just recently, I have heard three different entrepreneurs cite this as a reason to hold off on building the system they know they need to accomplish their goals.

Here are their stories:

The first told me that he has never been one to create content. “I have no idea what to say in a blog post, or on a video, or a landing page,” he said.

The second said that she just wasn’t the creative type, so she couldn’t come up with the ideas necessary to attract new leads online – and definitely couldn’t put those ideas into an appealing design.

The third cited a lack of experience using Facebook’s ad manager as a reason to avoid it altogether.

Three different stories, all holding the entrepreneurs back from accomplishing their goals and doing what is necessary to grow their business.

Can you relate?

Well, I’m here to tell you that none of the stories above should be able to paralyze your business.

Every one of these entrepreneurs is perfectly capable of creating content, coming up with ad creative, and using Facebook’s ad manager – and so are you.

In fact, you can do it in 15 minutes or less, and we’re going to show you how.

Download our Free Guide on How to Create Facebook Ads in 15 Minutes to find out exactly how.

Then, when you’ve moved past that story about why you can’t build your own Predictable Client Journey now, schedule a free strategy session with one of our coaches to find out exactly how you can install one in your business now.

Posted by Brad Martineau

Word. My name is Brad Martineau (as you can see above…). Couple things you should know about me. I’m married with five kids, I love playing basketball, I’m addicted to fitted hats, and I’m pretty into the whole entrepreneur thing.

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