September, 13, 2013

CrossFit H-Town Makeover

The guys from CrossFit H-Town came to SixthDivision from Texas to work with Clint for a makeover.

CrossFit H-Town is a strength and conditioning facility that implements CrossFit as their principal training program.  Their goal is to increase an athlete’s overall work capacity.  They accomplish this by engaging in many different sport modalities, including but not limited to: Olympic lifting, kettlebell training, gymnastics, running and sprinting, strong man training, rowing, and real-world applications such as firefighting.

Theo is married with one on the way, in addition to having a two-year-old.  He said later, he hasn’t had much time for activities; although, he used to play the guitar and would like to pick it back up.  He’s currently a professional firefighter in Houston! Pretty sweet.

To find out more about CrossFit H-Town, click here.

Posted by Kendall Walker

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