July, 5, 2013

Corinthian Reference Lab Makeover

Lauryn, Scott, and Greg made the trip to SixthDivision for a makeover for Corinthian Reference Lab, which is located in Texas.

Corinthian Reference Lab is a commercial diagnostic laboratory specializing in neurological disease detection.   They specialize exclusively in epidermal nerve fiber density testing, which offers patients objective evidence of neuropathy that can hopefully lead to a more accurate diagnosis.


Here are a few pics of Lauryn, Scott, and Greg at work back in Texas (usually Lauryn doesn’t have a jazz band playing behind her when she works. That was just an added bonus).

Scott corinthianGreg corinthianlauryn corinthian






According to Lauryn, she loves movies, Scott loves to make movies, and Greg thinks he’s in a fight club…but really tennis is his love. 😉

Here’s where you can find out more about Corinthian Reference Lab.

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