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The Premier Membership isn't for everybody. Here's how you can make sure The Premier Membership is a right fit for you and your business:

Who It's For:

  • I want a team I can rely on for my Infusionsoft questions

  • I want access to a library of tools that will make Infusionsoft easier

  • I am the type of person who would rather figure out Infusionsoft myself instead of hiring someone

  • I know the fundamentals of Infusionsoft, and just want a resource to help make it easier

Who It's not For:

  • I don't want to bother with learning Infusionsoft and would rather hire someone

  • I want one-on-one help

  • I want someone constantly looking at my business and helping me with strategy

  • I want help with copy, design, or API work

Here's what you'll get


We’ll help you organize your Infusionsoft app so you can make sense of your campaigns


We’ll help you create reports that provide clear visibility so you know exactly what’s happening in your business


We’ll give you access to the SixthDivision tool library to make Infusionsoft implementation easier


We’ll give you the opportunity each week to ask a SixthDivision coach your most pressing Infusionsoft questions

Don't take our word for it

We skipped the learning curve. Our business is much more organized, and we have ongoing help to grow our business.”

Michael Cardwell

“After working with SixthDivision, we can now look at a singular dashboard across multiple campaigns…it’s worth 10x the investment in the time you’ll save alone.”

Frank Kern

“After SixthDivision, everything is in order and we have a system. We feel better than ever about scaling our business with Infusionsoft.

Casey Graham

SixthDivision made Infusionsoft easy. We learned a method for putting our campaigns together. Well worth the money.”

Tom Clark

“I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been by not working with SixthDivision sooner. I wasted a quarter million dollars in delaying working with SixthDivision.

Tom Matzen

SixthDivision is really moving the needle for the JJ Virgin brand, and I highly recommend SixthDivision.”

JJ Virgin

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What You Get


The SixthDivision Tagger


The SixthDivision Dashboard


Weekly LIVE Jam Sessions


Total value




What people say




Fitness Together


Digital Brew

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since the Jam Sessions are group calls, will I get my questions answered?

Absolutely. We allow for enough time per JAM Session to make sure we get all questions answered.

Do I get support outside of the Jam Sessions?

The Jam Sessions are designed to get your questions answered. If you’re looking for more in-depth support, you may be better off looking into our options where you can work one-on-one with a coach.

Are the Jam Session calls recorded?

Yep! In case you can’t make it on a call, or if you want to re-watch the call, you can log into your membership area. All calls will be posted once they’re complete.

How many campaigns do I walk away having?

It all depends on how complex your campaigns are. We’ll be heads down working for two days straight, so for some, that could mean one huge campaign. For others, it could mean three or four smaller campaigns.

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