Hey Sixers! Good News! We Upgraded Your Membership!

Effective immediately, any current SD client is eligible to join us at SDHQ for one of our client favorite events:

The MasterCamp™

(If you’ve attended a MasterCamp™, then you already know. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, read on to see why you definitely want to join us!)

Come hang out with us at SDHQ on March 26-27.


What is The MasterCamp™

The MasterCamp™ is a 2 day, in-person, event that combines all the strategic benefits of a MasterMind with the “get-it-done” approach of an Implementation Bootcamp. Here’s how it works:

Day 1: The Mastermind
This is all about ideas, strategies, etc… We call it doing the “head” work. You come with a challenge or opportunity, and we put our collective heads together to help you get massive clarity.

Day 2: The Implementation Bootcamp
On day 2, we’re 100% focused on getting stuff done. As in writing emails, building landing pages, recording videos, etc… We call this the “hands” work so you don’t just leave with a bunch of ideas.

Which topics can we discuss?

So here’s the cool thing. We can talk about any aspect of your business that you need or want help with. Some clients want to address different aspects of their client journey (funnels, sales process, client onboarding). Other clients have wanted to discuss their vision, their model, their team, their culture, etc…

Once everybody has registered, we’ll reach out to get a feel for which topics will be the most helpful for those coming and we’ll organize the agenda to address those items specifically.

When is it?

We’re going to offer multiple dates throughout the year but the first one is March 26-27, 2024 (That’s a Tuesday and Wednesday). We’ll start at 9am AZ time and wrap up around 5pm AZ time each day. So if you’re flying, you’ll probably want to plan on coming in the day before, and then booking a flight out no earlier than 6:30 or 7pm on the 27th.

Where is it?

We hold the MasterCamps at SixthDivision HQ. We’re located in Gilbert, AZ (just outside Phoenix). So for flight purposes, you’ll want to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Once you register we’ll give you more details so you can pick hotels and stuff.

What does it cost?

For regular attendees? $3000. For you, because you’re a SixthDivision client? Not $3000. 🙂 All you have to pay is a $100 “reserve my spot because I’m actually going to show up” fee.

Can I bring someone?

Yep. You can bring one additional person (business partner, team member, assistant, etc…). If you think you need more than 1 spot, let us know and we’ll see what we can make happen.