February, 12, 2013

Three ‘Must-Have’ Marketing Campaigns

flowchart for marketing campaign growthAs part of your overall sales and marketing funnel, there are three absolutely critical, must-have campaigns. In my experience as an Infusionsoft Consultant  I’ve worked with thousands of businesses over the years; the most successful ones have these campaigns as a bare minimum.  I’ll also confess that the highly successful businesses have taken extreme care to inject plenty of personality, education, interest, and fun into these core campaigns.

Here we go:

1.            New Lead Campaign: Generating new leads is the life blood of sales so it’s important to focus on this campaign effort. Regardless of how your list was put together the focus needs to be on the value proposition you bring to the potential customer. Sometimes, this means working to educate them on the benefits of your products or services. Sometimes though, it is about price. Regardless, make it interesting and fun.  Don’t just give facts, features, and fluff.  Why was the business formed, what’s it’s “origin story”, what’s the real purpose of the business? Every single new lead that enters your sales funnel, rain or shine, should trigger the “New Lead Campaign”.

2.            New Customer Campaign: Once you have new customers in the pipeline, it is important to remain in contact with them. However, the focus on this campaign has to be different. The initial new lead campaign was geared towards converting the customer but this campaign has to be all about keeping the customer. This campaign should focus on the continued benefits and value the customer will receive by staying. It’s easy for new customers to go elsewhere so it’s important to fight apathy right up front.

3.            Long-Term Nurture Campaign: This campaign can be used two ways. 1) For unconverted leads that aren’t ready yet… but should still receive content, education, materials, information, stories, etc. so that when they are ready to buy, they readily remember your business.  2) For customers; both new and old.  Apathy is probably the largest cause for customers leaving to go with a competitor.  They don’t think you care.  To fight apathy, put them in your Long Term Nurture Campaign so you can stay in touch and in front of them.  Show them you care!

When setting up these core campaigns, make sure your funnel has a way of segmenting your contacts so you know who’s who.  It can be as simple as creating groups called “new leads”, “new customers”, and “long-term nurture”.

So, what have you been doing to not only generate leads but keep those leads that have been established?

Posted by Dave Lee

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