February, 5, 2013

The Power of Copywriting

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The power of copywriting is undeniable. Whether it is web advertising, writing ads or providing quality content, good copy can dramatically improve the success of your business because good copy brings visitors. In fact, it is good copy that brings people back to your site. Offering free reports or advisories only goes so far. What really makes the difference is quality copy that is fresh, valuable and alluring.

Think about the websites you visit on a regular basis. Why do you go back? Is it because they are offering the same old white papers or free e-book as everybody else or is it because you read something on their site that you found either interesting or valuable and each time your go to the site there is something new?

Two common ways of driving traffic to your website using quality copy includes:

•             Article marketing

•             Quality PPC ads.

Article marketing is content (copy) that is used to sell a product or service but, be careful here. Don’t think cheesy or used cars. Think authoritative and engaging instead. High quality copy can persuade a reader and help them come to the conclusion that your product or service is of distinct value and worth investing in.

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC ads) is essentially the same thing: Using quality copy to entice readers to actually click on the link. There has to be something compelling to make them click and it usually is something in the copy.

It is this power of quality copywriting that all of those bloggers out there are trying to capture. They are hoping that their blog posts are relevant, vibrant and valuable enough to bring people back again and again but that will only happen if the content is of high quality.

Take a look at your site. Do you believe you are getting the most lead generation from your existing copy on ads and site pages or do you think you can maximize the power of the written word even further?

Posted by Dave Lee

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