The Lab

A Group Program For Those Who Use Marketing Automation Tools Like Keap/ActiveCampaign And Want To Grow And Scale Their Business


No fancy “sales page” here. Just a summary of what’s in The Lab and who it’s for.

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What you get:

  • Twice a week live group coaching sessions with Brad (CEO) and Jake (GM) to review what you’re working on
  • A Kick-Off Strategy/Audit Call with a Client Journey Engineer
  • The entire SixthDivision Online Training Library
  • Clarity on exactly what you should be doing next
  • Organization so you (or your team) can implement more of your ideas faster and with greater accuracy
  • Visibility so you know what’s working and what’s not so you can make better decisions
  • An amazing client journey that makes it easier for you to get more clients and make ’em happier

Here’s what a couple of members had to say about how The Lab has impacted them/their business:

“The Lab has helped us refine our product offerings to make it clearer to prospects what they’ll get. It’s also helped us gain more control over our business. Whenever we want to put together a new program, presentation, or initiative, we can bring it to Lab and “have it blown up in a good way!” The Lab team asks great questions, has learned quite a bit about our business, and provides a valuable outside perspective. As another mentor said, it’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the bottle.”

“The Lab has helped us design with clarity our existing offering and how we move clients from prospects to Happy Clients. It also provides the perfect framework for launching new services. Finally the changes we made to our hiring journey wins us fans that want to work with us and are willing to wait until we have an opening. So many positive changes in our business because of the Lab.”

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Probably for you if:

  • You have an active business doing six or seven figures in revenue
  • You want a more organized sales process that takes less of your time but still closes the right leads
  • You want a dialed in client experience so you can spend less time “cleaning things up”
  • You want a better system for building and nurturing your list
  • You want an easy way to know what is and isn’t working so you can confidently decide what to do next
  • You want a system to calm the tornado of ideas inside your head
  • You want a systematic process to get the right ideas implemented at lightning speed
  • You resonate with these words: simple, calm, intentional, organized, systematic, etc.

Probably not for you if:

  • You are comfortable being manipulative or deceptive, or using any sort of shady tactics in your business
  • Your only passion in your business is the money that you take from it
  • You think “client experience” is a buzz word and not a viable business strategy
  • You resonate with words like: busy, fancy, complex, hurry, etc.

The Investment:

  • $500/mo with minimum 6 month agreement
  • Program becomes month-to-month after the initial 6 month agreement

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