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Let's see if The Academy is right for you

The Academy isn't for everybody. Here's how you can make sure The Academy is a right fit for you and your business:

Who It's For:

  • I'm a do-it-yourselfer

  • I want to be shown a process for implementing Infusionsoft that's repeatable

  • I need to learn how to implement quickly and efficiently

  • I want a system for implementing that I can pass on to my team

Who It's not For:

  • I want someone to implement Infusionsoft for me

  • I don't have the time to invest in learning a process for implementing

  • I'm not willing to do the work

  • I want one-on-one help

Here's what you'll get


We’ll show you how to organize your Infusionsoft app so you can make sense of your campaigns


We’ll show you how you can create reports that provide clear visibility so you know exactly what’s happening in your business


We’ll show you proven strategies that get you results in the shortest amount of time


We’ll show you the same proven step-by-step process for implementing Infusionsoft that we use for all our clients

Don't take our word for it

We skipped the learning curve. Our business is much more organized, and we have ongoing help to grow our business.”

Michael Cardwell

“After working with SixthDivision, we can now look at a singular dashboard across multiple campaigns…it’s worth 10x the investment in the time you’ll save alone.”

Frank Kern

“After SixthDivision, everything is in order and we have a system. We feel better than ever about scaling our business with Infusionsoft.

Casey Graham

SixthDivision made Infusionsoft easy. We learned a method for putting our campaigns together. Well worth the money.”

Tom Clark

“I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been by not working with SixthDivision sooner. I wasted a quarter million dollars in delaying working with SixthDivision.

Tom Matzen

SixthDivision is really moving the needle for the JJ Virgin brand, and I highly recommend SixthDivision.”

JJ Virgin

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The Academy details

So, what's The Academy going to cost me?

What You Get


Module: Six Laws Of Small Business Success™ Have you ever struggled to implement anything in your business? Here's the deal: unleashing Infusionsoft in your business doesn't have to be a struggle, but there are some key rules you should follow. This module breaks down the six rules for massive, rapid, and frustration-free implementation.


Module: The Small Business Success Playbook™ It's impossible to use 100% of Infusionsoft without first knowing what it means to use 100% of Infusionsoft. Most Infusionsoft users complain about using 10% of the software, but don't even know what it looks like to use more. This module breaks down what it looks like to use 100% of Infusionsoft in your business.


Module: The Executable Blueprint™ Do you find yourself crossing your fingers when you publish a campaign, or are you sure your campaigns are doing exactly what you want them to? This module shows you how to make sure your campaigns are running smoothly, and how to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation.


Module: The Implementation Guide™ How do you stay organized in your Infusionsoft app? Are you confident that you're not letting anything slip through the cracks? This module shows you exactly how to build your campaigns in Infusionsoft so everything stays clean, organized, and simple.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When I get access to The Academy, do I ever lose it?

No, once you purchase The Academy, it will be yours to access for life. So, if you have a new team member, it will be easy to get them up to speed with your implementation process by giving them access to the modules.

What if I have questions when I'm going through The Academy?

All modules have a comments section, so if you have any questions about the videos that haven’t been addressed, you can leave a comment and a SixthDivision coach will get back to you.

Can you still help build stuff for me even if I have The Academy?

Absolutely! We actually have all of our clients go through The Academy prior to working with them, so they understand our methodology and how we’ll be building their campaigns.

Get Notified When The Academy Is Released