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Start making your business more predictable and end the frustration and overwhelm that comes from trying to automate and grow your business.

Spend time with your family, not your funnel.

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Discover the components of a Predictable Small Business.

The key to proper growth in your business is predictablility. That is, knowing where to spend your time and money and what you can expect as a result.


Learn how to design for automation.

Creating automation in your business is necessary for proper growth and predictability. Learning how to design for automation unlocks the true potential in your business.


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SixthDivision is committed to helping your business become a Predictable Small Business. Regardless of what stage you are at, we have coaching and services to help you grow.


Get relief from your implementation pains.

Tired of having a ton of great ideas but never being able to proper execute on them? Learn how to really use the automation tools like Infusionsoft that you've been struggling with.

SixthDivision has helped 1,000's of entrepreneurs create a more Predictable Small Business that creates more clients with less stress and less headache allowing them to enjoy life as they see fit.

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“As a business owner, I wish we had started sooner with SixthDivision! You can't go wrong here - these guys are high value, have an infectious can-do attitude, and true expertise.”

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