May, 30, 2013

My Flooring Warranty’s Makeover

Mary Lynn Mapes came to work with Bret from Illinois.  They were definitely a good team; they got TONS done and had fun while doing it.  Mary Lynn’s enthusiasm definitely matched that of Bret’s.  It was very apparent when a great idea was born.  She and Bret were joking that Mary Lynn makes “rules” for everything. She’s a die-hard researcher, and because of that, rules are born. About halfway through the second day, Mary Lynn was notified her flight home got canceled. She was able to take that negative and turn it into a positive, and actually used that as an opportunity to spend some quality time with her daughter, who happens to live in Glendale, AZ.


Mary Lynn headed to Sixth Division on behalf of My Flooring Warranty; a company that sells access to proprietary software that creates a relationship between carpet retailers, service companies, and the end consumers.

During her free time, she enjoys sewing quilts and bags, watching movies, and running.

Check out My Flooring Warranty here.

Posted by Kendall Walker

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