November, 13, 2012

Group Events

Adding a Personal Touch to Generate Paying Customers

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So you’ve done everything right when it comes to funneling visitors to your site. Now, how do you begin creating long-term relationships in which those visitors see you as THE solution provider for their particular need?

One sure way to develop that atmosphere is by personalizing your business or service. In other words, offering something more than words on a screen. Group events are a superb way to both educate and convert your visitors and list to paying customers. This method is especially attractive to businesses that don’t have vast sales resources. Events can be used as a “one-to-many conversion tool” and a regular part of your marketing and sales funnel.

Two surprisingly affordable ways to execute a group event is through teleseminars and webinars. Webinars offer the same benefits of teleseminars with the added feature being your customers are to see what you are talking about in real time. If you’re just getting started with group events and one-to-many conversion, start with teleseminars – they are easy to set up, run, and only require a phone for your attendees.

Here are some of the reasons both teleseminars and webinars are doable and attractive to any business or organization:

Low overhead – no conference rooms, no travel, and little expense.

Short learning curve – almost anyone can hold such an event with no background and just a few minutes of self-education.

Connect with prospects and clients – there’s nothing like a live voice or face to set you apart from a thousand other competitors. The personal factor cannot be overemphasized.

Speed – the quickest way to get information to prospective customers and to get feedback from them. Both methods allow you to exchange ideas with participants regardless of where they are in the world and quickly implement solutions based on that interaction.

Training – A webinar is far more effective than a static help or FAQ page. Training can be customized to the needs of the attendees. It’s a great way to field questions, address concerns, and even lead attendees to further solutions provided by you.

In terms of tools to execute group events, Sixth Division Infusionsoft Consulting recommends FreeConferenceCall for teleseminars (unless you have a fancy bridge line already) and Citrix’s GoToWebinar (up to 1000 attendees) or GoToMeeting (up to 25 attendees) for webinars/online events.

Regardless of what type of event you hold to educate and convert your prospects, the key is to set a date, start inviting and registering your list and then create your content/script. It can be risky, but inviting your guests before the content is created will not only allow you to probe registrants for their specific needs/questions but also FORCES you to complete the content and host the event.

Pondering what group events would be the right fit for your marketing and sales funnel? Or perhaps you have launched events in the past. Did you attain the desired results from your group event?

Posted by Dave Lee

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